Hi, everyone… Just a quick warning. A mentally ill (schizophrenic erotomaniac) woman named Dawn Gordon/Chessman has latched onto one of my friends and as such, is stalking me. She claims I am an ex lover of his that lives in New Zealand. (Pffft… I wish I lived there!) This woman says she is a prophet of god and uses it as “proof” she is right about me faking my identity. I didn’t want to have to take it to my blog, but as she is now posting comments under my username and picture, linked to this blog, I thought I’d put out a quick warning.

Here are the fake comments she has posted, so far:

Yes. She made a comment as someone else (me!), claiming they were someone else. And then responded to it.


I’ll be working with her blog server to put an end to this, but in the meantime, please be wary of any unusual comments and email me if you have questions on their validity. And don’t try to interact with her – she’s extremely ill and has gone to means of contacting victims’ workplaces, family members, and lovers.

Thanks for your support!

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2 Responses to Stalker

  1. Sam Chessman says:

    This is crazy! A day of just looking up people came to this! I was sitting with my brother when we decided to Google a past family member (Dawn) and found out she was stalking half of the internet. I really have no idea it had gone this far; she is some crazy psychopath…

    • mindymayhem says:

      Yes… I apologize for not seeing this comment, sooner!

      She is QUITE insane. I have decided not to discuss her publicly, though, as she craves all attention – even negative.

      Could I email you?

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