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The White Whale

I am not the type to blog about a dream, but here I am, doing just that. I hope I don’t bore you! As is standard for me with dreams, I have forgotten much of it. When I awoke, details … Continue reading

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Pray the Gay Away!

I wonder why some church leaders have a “pray the gay away” approach. Being gay is not a mental illness or disease that creates victims like pedophilia. According to a paranoid schizophrenic stalking my friend, she is no longer mentally … Continue reading

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A Different Female Atheist Opinion on the Skepchick/Dawkins Debacle

Here’s the way I see this Dawkins incident… If you want to call him out for basically saying women have it easy in America when it comes to misogyny, that’s fine. This isn’t the Middle East, and torturing and enslaving … Continue reading

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