Pray the Gay Away!

I wonder why some church leaders have a “pray the gay away” approach. Being gay is not a mental illness or disease that creates victims like pedophilia. According to a paranoid schizophrenic stalking my friend, she is no longer mentally ill because god “cured” her.

In wondering why then god doesn’t cure pedophiles (and, believe me, I’m sure most of them have prayed for him to do so!), I came to the disturbing conclusion that god must be pro-pedophile.

While this conclusion may seem shocking, there’s supporting evidence. For one, as some religious people point out, god addressed homosexuality specifically in the Bible (most of those people ignore literally every other aspect of Leviticus, be it by wearing mixed knits, eating shellfish, taking on the hipster not-perfectly-trimmed beard trend, not making an animal sacrifice every time they see a woman while she’s on her period or jerk off and cum on the floor) – but note, god doesn’t mention pedophilia. As a matter of fact, god is at the very least pro-rape, according to several passages.

Furthermore, a lot of pedophiles seem to work at churches. This actually makes sense, since the churches often go above and beyond to not only legally protect them, but to provide a fresh supply of victims. The catholic church even goes so far as rotating them to a new crop of victims, once word of mouth gets a tad louder than what makes them comfortable.

If we could pray the pedophile away, why would we? Religious leaders may note both god’s seeming approval and the giant dip of number of people working at the church, once they are cured and free to work normal jobs. Nope, as it stands, churches will continue to protect child molesters while decrying homosexuality as an unnatural perversion.

I think our best approach to this problem is to ignore them and stop giving them our money.

Oh, wait! I’m an atheist. I haven’t paid for a child rapists’ free ride, today.

Have you?


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Atheist gal with a pit bull.
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One Response to Pray the Gay Away!

  1. John Haig z says:

    Â I have prayed in panic mode before and He always came through so I was sure He would come through again.

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