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A Different Female Atheist Opinion on the Skepchick/Dawkins Debacle

Here’s the way I see this Dawkins incident… If you want to call him out for basically saying women have it easy in America when it comes to misogyny, that’s fine. This isn’t the Middle East, and torturing and enslaving … Continue reading

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The fall of a giant: A personal history with the Crystal Cathedral

The first time my grandma took me to the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, I was probably about five years old. Staring at the megachurch’s crystal structure as it sparkled in the sunlight, I couldn’t help but ask an … Continue reading

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Sunday Musings: The Subhuman Treatment of Atheists in America

Seventy-five percent of Americans currently identify as christian – a number that has slowly but fairly steadily been dropping since 1990. Mark Galli, managing editor of the Evangelical magazine Christianity Today, said: “I feel sorry for those people who don’t … Continue reading

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